Have you ever wondered why certain images of you appear on google when you search your name?

Google scrapes websites across the world and gathers information about each image on each website

You might think an image is just an image but images actually contain a ton of information such as

Image name

Image description (“alt”)

Where the image was taken (creepy right?)

Whats my point?

We can actually leverage image information to benefit small businesses.

THE THING IS….Most businesses or marketing agencies don’t take the time to properly name each image and give it a description.

Why does this matter?

For many industries there is hardly no competition for ranking images on Google

For example, if I properly name images on the YinzBurgh BBQ website like a picture of ribs. I would do something like this

I would rename the image to be  


and give it a description such as  “smoked ribs from yinzburgh bbq”

So now when someone searches “BBQ ribs Pittsburgh” via the google images there’s a great chance they will see this image and it will drive traffic to their website. This can be a time-consuming process but its something I do for all the websites I build.