How is Google so fast and efficient?

Pretend for one second you were trying to search every website on the internet without a search engine?
How would this be possible? Google works a certain way for a reason. It takes a snapshot of every website it can (this is called indexing). Google has to be extremely fast yet effective. It like they create their own phone book and the listings are websites with small snippets of information. But they can hit CNTRL+F and search the entire directory instantly.

Because Google doesn’t have time to search through your entire website every single day (so it creates this cached database that it can quickly search through). So it leverages page titles and meta descriptions.

Think of it as your pages “sales pitch”. Don’t get me wrong the content on the page is still extremely important but the meta description aka summary of your page trumps anything else in terms of searchability. Google needs a really concise and clear idea of what your website is about. A Meta Description is exactly that. It is single handled the most important piece of information for Google to read

Compare these two meta descriptions

The perfect meta description

Notice how the second image has a call to action at the end of the meta description “Call us today at (412 434-0790 for an appointment”. This is exactly what you want. We want the meta description and page title to give people are reason to click but many people are just going to see the summary snippet and not click but its goods to remind them to a call you here it will make a world of a difference. As a user, you know what the next step is, in this case, it is calling this number. In the first meta description is unclear.

Keywords are #1

You can see the keywords are in bold. But what are keywords? learn more about keywords here. So when someone searches “Pittsburgh Chiropractor or Chiropractor near me”. Google is going to scan each website for these keywords and find the best match putting it at the top spot on Google (along with many other factors but let’s focus on meta descriptions right now).

Although, the first meta description for tschiropractic doesn’t have the call to action it does have very unique keywords. You have to understand hundreds of other chiros are also trying to rank for “Pittsburgh chiropractor”. I guarantee it would be must easier to rank for “Cervical Chiropractor in Pittsburgh” because this is a niche treatment that many others don’t offer. so there will be less competition.

It is extremely important that you reference the keywords you want to rank for in your meta description so google will put your website in the results. You can get an idea of what keywords are popular in your area with this free tool

What makes a good meta description?

Creating a meta description with a clear message of the page that contains a call to action but also the unique keywords you want to rank for will certainly improve your SEO. Ensure that every page has its own unique meta description. This is just one small yet important component for ranking on Google. I come across many web designers that do not even worry about important details like meta descriptions and google automatically grabs the next piece of content. Make sure you craft a concise, keyword driven meta description with a call to action.

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