4 Reasons to avoid DIY website builders

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4 Reasons Why You Should

AVOID DIY Website Builders

1. Your Website’s SEO Will Suffer! – Not Google Friendly

SEO – Search Engine Optimization aka where you rank on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo etc.

Platforms like Wix, Weebly and Squarespace do NOT mention they are not optimized for SEO.
They offer a cheap alternative to making your own website, adding content/images, that is it.
They do NOT inform you of the importance of SEO.
They do not help you rank better on search engines.

A website that is un-discoverable might as well not exist at all.
Having full control over your code base gives you the best advantage for search engines. Website builders only give you access to CSS.

This reason alone is detrimental because if the goal of your website is to get more clients/customers. People will have a hard time finding you, and instead, they will find your competitors.

2. The Platform Owns Your Website

You Will Never Be Able To Change Your Website (only text/images).
You do not own the code or data.
Your website will never have the features you want because platforms like Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly to do not offer add-ons such as an appointment booking system or maybe adding facebook reviews to your site. DIY platforms do not offer this kind of flexibility

3. The Message On Your Website Is Terrible

Sorry to be blunt but it probably is… I’m going to assume you’re not an experienced copywriter. It’s unlikely that you’ve written content that converts.
Most business owners don’t realize how important their website message is.
Does it appeal to your target audience? Is it written to capture leads?
Effective copy engages visitors to take action.

4. Your Website Is Leaking Money

It’s unlikely that your website will convert leads into customers when it hasn’t been designed by user experience professional.
An aesthetically pleasing website can be the difference in closing a sale
I build websites for a living and there have been countless situations where business owners come to me and say “hey I built this website myself but it’s not working for my business….”
There are alternatives. I highly recommend using a CMS like Joomla or WordPress.


Do-it-yourself website platforms leave a lot to be desired.

They do not offer a solution tailored to each business but a general solution

that appeals to a massive audience which is how they make money.

Which begs the question…
Do you want a website tailored to your business or to the general population?

A custom solution will always beat the general solution.
After all, as business owners, it is our goal to STAND OUT.

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